Our Mission

Peregrine Petroleum is a private exploration and production company generating sustainable long-term growth within the onshore continental United States. Peregrine delivers results through a collaborative interdisciplinary approach focusing on repeatable trend plays with long-term investment potential. Peregrine operates in a safe and environmentally sound manner in accordance with The Peregrine Way.


Do the Right Thing:  In every circumstance, we act with integrity.  We are honest in our communication, compassionate towards others, and take responsibility for our actions.

Work as a Team:  We achieve our goals through open communication and collaboration.  We respect, challenge, encourage, and support others on our team.

Fully Engage:  We work with purpose and intensity in pursuit of our vision.  We approach our work physically energized, emotionally connected, and mentally focused.  We measure our performance and hold ourselves accountable.  Our persistence and resilience enable us to overcome any obstacle.

Think and Focus Long-Term:  We think in a deliberate and focused manner.  As a private organization, we think, plan, and invest to produce the best long-term results.

Learn and Improve: Learning is a life-long endeavor critical to growth.  We learn from both our successes and failures.  In our pursuit of excellence, we strive to continuously learn and improve.

Be Humble:  We are confident in our abilities, but we don’t know it all.  We admit our mistakes and consider them learning opportunities.  We welcome the feedback and viewpoints of others.

Enjoy the Journey:  The pursuit of our vision is a journey.  We appreciate and are grateful for all that we have.  We are proud of our accomplishments.  With an optimistic mindset, we look forward to our future.